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New Blog: Familiar Elements, Some New Directions

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election to the presidency and the attendant Republican takeover of the federal government — all deplorable outcomes of the 2016 elections, in my view — I am considering reviving my old blog, “Sense and Nonsense,” and rebranding it “Blue State Views.”

This new blog would be familiar to readers of the old one: it would contain a similar mix of political views, humor, and snark, all from a blue-state perspective. Its main focus would be on the ignorance and mendacity of Donald Trump and the idiocy and dangers of his presidency. This would be one small way, on the part of one small person, to fight this man and all he represents.

Just thinking.  More — possibly — coming soon.


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Bill Kristol Should Be Ashamed of Himself

Oh, yes. You already knew that, you say. The evidence for that is abundant, you say. Quite true. But are you aware of his latest foray into McCarthy-land? His latest round of smearing people with a label of anti-Semitism?  See here. The man should be ashamed of himself. He has no honor, no decency.