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I’m Gonna Save My Energy

The staff at CQ posted the video below, with the following comment:

Obama Girl, that sexy siren from the election who was solely responsible for delivering Barack Obama the male vote, is back. Now she’s promoting energy conservation in a catchy tune called ‘Save Your Energy.’ So fellas, it’s time to ditch that Hummer and break out those compact fluorescent light bulbs.

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“We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat”

Every day brings sharp analysis by smart people, saying that this recession is going to get so much worse, that the problems we face are so much more severe than most of us realize.  Today, the bearer of that message is Tom Friedman, whose column in today's New York Times is a sobering wake-up call. 

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Change Begins

Cesca notes:

In four days, President Obama accomplished the following:

Closed Guantanamo
Banned the use of torture by the CIA and all other personnel
Closed CIA "Black Sites"
Restricted the use of executive privilege by former Bush officials
Opened up foreign assistance to family-planning NGOs
Set up strict ethics rules
Blocked Bush plan to increase auto emissions
Fired a shot at Rush Limbaugh

That's change I can believe in.